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I grew up in the 80’s, and I absolutely loved Star Wars, GI Joe and Transformers.  I specifically remember when the Transformers movie came out, and LOVED IT! As an adult, I bought the movie on dvd and have watched it several times with my kids, but that particular copy of the movie is pretty low quality. When I found out that they were remastering the movie for blu-ray, to celebrate the 30th anniversary, I was…  excited.  I immediately started thinking through props that I could make that would fit with Transformers, and the Matrix of Leadership (being one of the few Transformers items that isn’t a giant robot) seemed like a good fit.
I also took this as an opportunity to learn Fusion 360, a 3d modeling application that I’ve had trouble getting my head around in the past. This was a chance for me to model something in three dimensions that originally only existed in a two dimensional cartoon. I had room to add my own details, and just worry about capturing the scale and overall visual of the original piece.  Fusion has a bit of a learning curve, but now that I’ve got a little experience in it, I’m hooked.  I highly suggest that you check it out! They’ve got a great YouTube channel with lots of great tutorials as well. You can do it, you’ve got the touch!  ( nerdy movie reference)

In case you want to look through the lighting code, it’s available on my GitHub.


Also, if you’re a fan of G1 Transformers, you should buy the new blu-ray!!