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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

By November 25, 2021Projects

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Each year, the guys at I Like To Make Stuff like to combine a list of things that they’ve used this year that they absolutely love. They’ve picked five items each to share with you this year. If you are looking for gift ideas for loved ones or something to pick up for yourself, let this gift guide help you along.

Forby’s Picks

Our Creative Director, Forby, has assembled a list of cool things that aren’t necessarily workshop tools.

Field Notes Notebooks $14.95-Amazon

“I love carrying around smaller notebooks in my back pocket so I can jot down ideas on a whim. They are durable and light and the paper is a nice quality for such a small notebook.”

Pilot G2 Mini Pens $10.99-Amazon

“Along with the Field Notes notebooks, these pens are small enough to fit in my pocket. They write amazing and they come in a 6-pack.”

Anker ROAV Bluetooth Adapter $13.99-Amazon

“A lot of us have newer phones but older cars, so this bluetooth adapter allows me to easily listen to podcasts and music I like in my older car. It is great.”

Goodr Polarized Sunglasses $

“I absolutely love these Goodr polarized sunglasses. They are light, durable, and really inexpensive. I break or lose my glasses a lot so they’re perfect for me. Bob and Josh also have a pair and they love them too.”

Elegoo Mars Resin 3d Printer $290-Amazon

“Elegoo sent us this printer to use and I absolutely love it. I like to make super tiny, but insanely detailed D&D figures and they come out perfectly. I couldn’t get these results with a regular 3d printer and it is really affordable.”

Anthony’s Picks

Our Videographer, Anthony, has a mix of stuff for the coffee lover, home renovator, and A/V nerd in your life.

AeroPress Coffee Maker $32-Amazon

“I love coffee. Like I LOVE coffee. The AeroPress is an amazing coffee press that is small and easy to use and won’t break the bank.”

DeWalt 20v Circular Saw $165-Amazon

“I’ve been renovating our new home for over a year and I have had to build out my home workshop. I have loved the versatility of a cordless circular saw for home renovations and trips to the home center to break down plywood in the parking lot.”

Onefinity Woodworker CNC $

“I have wanted a CNC for a long time. Since they are a hefty investment, I wanted one that was affordable, accurate, and could stand up to whatever I threw at it. The Onefinity CNCs are amazing, easy to use and assemble, and their customer service is fantastic. If you’re in the market for a desktop CNC, look no further.”

Ryobi Oscillating Multi-Tool $110-Amazon

“Since I’ve been renovating our house, I keep reaching for one tool more than any other; the oscillating multi-tool. It is super handy and does jobs that no other tool can easily do. I have the Ryobi battery system, so I went with that one and I’m super happy.”

BlackMagic ATEM Mini $495-Amazon

“This device is an all-in one capture card for doing live streams. In order to get separate camera/computer/game console feeds into a live streaming program like OBS, you’d need several capture cards. BlackMagic has made the ATEM mini to do it all in one small, awesome controller. It is a bargain for what you are getting and if you’re a streamer, you need one!”

Josh’s Picks

Our Project Manager, Josh, has some picks that practical and super handy.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle $37-Amazon

“I recently got a new, larger water bottle and it has been awesome. I realized that I didn’t drink a lot of water during the day and getting up to fill a smaller one was tedious. This larger bottle is great and it’s hard for me to lose it.”

SureTape Carpet Tape $10-Amazon

“I love running our CNC and the one I have at home. I don’t like doing a lot of work after the robot is done cutting. To eliminate the need for tabs and other clamps, I use double-sided carpet tape from SureTape. It doesn’t leave and strings or nasty residue. If you own a CNC, get this tape.”

Honey Ohs $5-Grocery Stores

“Yeah I’m putting cereal on my gift guide! It isn’t a popular cereal, but it is my family’s absolute favorite. I want to share awesome stuff with people, and I like Ohs, so bam. Go get you some Post Honey Ohs…you’ll thank me later.”

J-Tech Laser for the Onefinity CNC $

“Like Anthony, I have and love my Onefinity CNC. I recently got the J-Tech diode laser head for it and I am super happy. not only do I have a 32″x32″ CNC, but now it is a laser engraver too! It may be pricey, but it is way cheaper than getting a laser engraver at that size.”

Life is What You Bake It by Vallery Lomas $22-Amazon

“This is a cookbook that I absolutely love. Vallery won the American version of the “Great British Bake Off” and her cookbook is amazing. Besides woodworking and making, I love cooking and this cookbook is one of my favorites. It is easy to read, easy to follow, and the results are fantastic!”

Bob’s Picks

The Maker of Things at I Like To Make Stuff, Bob, has some ideas that the Maker in your life will love.

The One Hoody by Kuhl $

“I know it may be pricey for a hoody, but this is a special blend of hoody and jacket and rain coat; it is fantastic. I’m so glad I stopped buying new hoodies each year and invested in one that will last forever!”

Prusa Mini 3d Printer $

“I get asked a lot what 3d printer people should buy when they are getting into 3d printing. The Prusa line of printers is my go-to answer, and the Prusa Mini is the best option for someone getting started. The print quality is fantastic the user experience is unmatched, and the customer service is amazing. Get a Prusa 3d printer if you are looking to get started.”

Gerber Mini Dime $22-Amazon

“Since I’ve started carrying the Maker Knife, I have needed the rest of the tools that come on a multitool. The Gerber Mini Dime is great because it has all the stuff I’d need in a small and compact size. It isn’t expensive and would make a great stocking stuffer.”

ToughBuilt Saw Horse $45-Amazon

“I’ve been building a lot at the farm recently and I don’t have a workbench to take with me. These saw horses by ToughBuilt are really awesome. They are compact, easy to use and keep my material secure without a lot of effort.”

Arrow Battery-Powered Staple Gun $43-Amazon

“Arrow sent me some of their staple guns to use in videos and one that I keep using is the battery-powered one. It holds a charge for a while and I can take it anywhere. Just pull the trigger and BAM, staple shot. It’s great.”

Electric Standing/Sitting Desk $230-Amazon

“Since we have the new building, We’ve needed some additional office furniture. Motorized standing desks are crazy expensive. I found this one at a decent price and I’m super happy with it. You can preset heights and it moves smoothly and quietly. I was surprised with the quality at that price point.”

We Hope You and Your Family Have a Happy Holidays!

Thank you for checking out the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. We love helping people realize that they can make the cool things they want in life, and it’s our pleasure to help guide you along the way. Be sure to check out our digital plans and projects videos each week to see how you can add some cool DIY projects to your life.