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007: Stabby Death Sticks

Show Notes:

What are they playing with?

Bob: Continuing the Lego Star Wars Ghost Starfighter set# 75053

Josh: Finished the Lego Technic Rescue Helicopter set# 9396

What are they talking about?

Bob doesn’t remember Top Gun so Josh fills him in with some personal stories about how he has the need for speed. They also swap roles for “Have They Seen It” and “Pros or Cons.” Where Josh talks about the finer points of the Ringo Starr classic, Caveman, and Bob reads a list of Pros or Cons provided by our good buddy Brent at Broken Antler Workshop.

If you want to send us some topics to cover on Pros or Cons or Have They Seen It, leave us a message on the No Instructions Podcast Instagram page!

Top Gun


Action Jackson

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