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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is I Like To Make Stuff?

This site, and all of the content I produce is my effort to help demystify the process of making things with your hands. In most of my projects, I show off EVERY step, not to necessarily teach you how to do it, but to show you that it’s not really as hard as you may have initially thought. I’m a firm believer that seeing something done in front of you significantly lowers the barrier to entry.. and in this case, that means YOU are one step closer to making the stuff that you care about.

So, when I show you, for example, how to make a hidden door, it doesn’t mean that you will learn how to make one that fits exactly in YOUR situation. Hopefully you walk away understanding the concepts, and mechanics of making it happen. I hope that empowerment will help you start to learn how to solve the problems specific to YOU.

2. Is I Like To Make Stuff your full time job?

YES!! How awesome is that? I am blessed enough to be able to make stuff for a living!

Nope. I have a full time job in software development, as well as a wonderful wife and four young children.  ILTMS fits around all of that.

3. Why don’t you post new content as often as ______ ?

No idea, but _____ and I are different people with different goals and lives, so it probably has something to do with that.

4. Why don’t you talk very much about detailed measurements? Why don’t you have plans available?

See #1 but I do have several plans available that might be helpful.

 5. Will you make a _____ ?

Feel free to ask, as I have gotten some fantastic suggestions in the past, but generally I only make things that I need or have been commissioned to make.  I just don’t have the time, room, or money to make things that don’t have a purpose.

6. What is BrainPick?

BrainPick is a podcast where I get the chance to interview awesome people. It’s a chance for you to learn about people that you may or may not already know and hopefully to build this community even more.

7. Will you make me a _____ ?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to take on commission work these days, so I’ll have to decline.  (Thanks for asking though!!)

8. Where can I find the ____ you used?

I try to link to all items that I use in the “What you’ll need” section of each post. I am also building a list of all of the tools and services I use that you can view here. Please look there before emailing about an item.

more to come…


Please remember that while I do my best to respond (eventually), all of the time I spend writing to email is time that I’m not making stuff. If I don’t respond, please don’t take offense. It’s getting harder and harder to manage the email that comes through this form. Also, if the email is long, I’ll have a harder time responding to it.

If you just want to say hi or ask a quick question, Twitter is a much faster way to do that (I’m very active there).



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