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[UPDATED 12/18/12] wallpaper is horrible, and who needs a 139″ desk anyway?

By October 10, 2008February 9th, 2013building, misc.
[UPDATE] Here’s a photo of the finished area, after we recently got it semi-organized.  I had to use a panoramic shot to fit it all in.

Finished desk

So, my wife, a fantastic jewelry artist (among other things) has started working from home, since we’ve had our first child, but up until we moved into our new home, she never had a space to call her own, it was always working on the dining room table, until we needed the space.

So now, we’ve got a guest bedroom with a good amount of space, so she asked me to build her a big workstation which would house all of her jewelry supplies and tools, along with her sewing machine and supplies (which includes a CRAZY amount of yarn) as well as books and a scrapbooking/letterwriting area.

The room has 2 walls covered with wallpaper (2 layers in fact) as well as a border all the way around the room.

For future reference, if you have to take down wallpaper, don’t bother with the chemicals…  just rent a steamer for $30 a day from your home improvement store and do it that way..  MUCH BETTER, TRUST ME.

So I spent 3 full days (seriously) taking down wallpaper, 2 more days patching, sanding and painting the walls and updating electrical outlets and switches.. but the room looks like inew construction, so it was worth it.

Luckily, we had a good size space to work with.

She and I differ on approaches to decorating/building things, but this one is FOR HER, so I’m just building what she wants and trying not to force my own ideas in so that the space is really HERS.

So anyway, I made the 139″ desk out of a sheet of MDF, stripped down to a 24″ panel, attached end to end. It’s setting on a 2×4 that is mounted across the wall and 2 sets of shelves that I also build from MDF.

I used MDF because she wanted the whole thing painted, so it’s a very cheap solution for that amount of wood.

So, he’s the desk part installed..

since the photo, it has been primed and we got a good deal on some simple laminated cabinets to hang above it.  There will be a 31″ space inbetween the cabinets, so I’ll build more MDF shelves to fill the gap.

We finally put up  pegboard on the back wall between the desk and cabinets, as well as mounted a good deal of lighting to downlight the space.