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Arcade Cabinet MKII Printed Templates


This set of digital plans is for the newer Arcade Cabinet we made for Mortal Combat 11. It is different from the previous cabinet we have offered. It is made of three sections that are stacked and covered with larger side panels. These plans include templates for cutting the side panels and for making vinyl graphics.

The templates can be printed out at an office supply store at “actual size,” and placed on the material for cutting. The files can also be used to cut the pieces on the CNC. You can use these plans and follow along with the build at

The overall dimensions are roughly 35″ wide, 32″ deep, and 74″ tall.

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*this plan includes both imperial and metric

  1. Tim Piatek (verified owner)

    Excellent, thorough plans. Along with A) The video, and B) The blog post, there’s essentially everything you need to make an arcade cabinet. Some notes: Page 3 of the cut list reads “Need: 2” for the marquee bezel – I think that should be “Need: 1”, unless I’m missing something. Also, while sturdy and awesome, it may be a bit… robust beyond necessity. I’m simplifying and modifying the plans to my taste, and I should be able to save a bit of money in the process. And while Mastrographics is given the shout-out, they’re considerably more expensive than most other industry printers (though I’m sure their product is amazing!), and don’t forget: you’ll need your own art.

    Buy the plans if you like the show, and want a good product that will help you make something amazing.

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