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Easy & Affordable Concrete Countertops

| asides, awesome, building, Concrete, design, diy, Home, Projects | No Comments
Anthony decided to pour his own concrete kitchen countertops using the Counterform kit from Concrete Countertop Solutions. Come see how to make pour-in-place kitchen countertops for a fraction of the…

Making a Prop Sword From Cheap Foam Panels | Adventure Time

| asides, awesome, design, diy, Projects, Prop and Costume | No Comments
Need a cosplay sword or a display prop? We made a cartoon sword from the show Adventure Time out of cheap insulation foam and a hot wire cutter. This Demon…

I’m Afraid of Machining

| asides, awesome, design, diy, Metal work, Projects, Shop Projects | No Comments
I've been afraid to use the Bridgeport mill and South Bend Lathe, my two machining tools. To get over this hesitation, I'm making a project using the two machines; a…
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