How to Make the Darksaber from Star Wars Rebels

| awesome, design, diy, kids, models/toys, Prop and Costume, Woodworking | No Comments
Many of you know that I love Star Wars, but one of my favorite series has been Star Wars Rebels. This animated series along with the Clone Wars saga has…

How to Make an SLA Finishing Station

| 3D Printing, awesome, building, design, diy, Shop Projects | No Comments
SLA 3d printing is a unique and amazing way to create beautiful 3d prints by using lasers to cure liquid resin. It is a little more involved than traditional printing…

We Bought a Farm!

| Projects | No Comments
So, we bought a farm! We're really excited to share this news with everyone, because this means bigger projects down the road! The first question, I'm sure, is WHY!?  We're…

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