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Making R2-D2 Part 3

| 3D Printing, adventure, awesome, diy, Electronics, Projects, Prop and Costume | No Comments
In this third installment of the Making R2-D2 series, he's getting legs, beautiful blue panels, and lights in the dome! Come see us make noticeable changes progress on this lengthy…

Making The Blaster from The Mandalorian

| 3D Printing, adventure, awesome, design, diy, gallery, Projects, Prop and Costume, Woodworking | No Comments
I am so excited about the new show, The Mandalorian, coming out on Disney+; so much so that I wanted to recreate the blaster from The Mandalorian. This is not…

Making a Picnic Table with Built In Grills

| Projects | No Comments
Out at our new farm, we don't have a lot of seating or a grill of any kind, so in this project we're making a picnic table with two grills…

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